Carpool Diem


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Annie Fleming thinks her family has adjusted well to her hard driving career as a Change Management Specialist. How could they not? She spends hours typing, editing, and proofing To-Do and Not-To-Do lists to make sure the lives of her husband, daughter and baby-sitter all run smoothly. But when Annie is forced out by an unexpected office coup, she finds herself not only unemployed, but face-to-face with a family that isn’t quite as well-adjusted as she’d imagined.

The babysitter bolts. Her husband, Tim, is ducking her calls. And worst of all, her daughter Charlotte is showing little interest in joining The Power—a legendary, elite, work-till-you drop soccer team run by Winslow West, a man who dreams of the Olympic gold his young charges will someday win for him. How could Annie, undefeated even when unemployed, have a daughter with a quitting attitude?

Annie is determined to do whatever it takes to get her life in order, and her daughter on the A team. But politics turn out to be even more cutthroat on the sidelines than in the boardroom. Is it possible Annie’s “Plan Hard/Work Hard” credo isn’t the key to success after all?


“An appealing tale. Star’s breezy story and spot-on description of youth-sports bureaucracy ultimately score.”
Entertainment Weekly

“Any parent who’s had to juggle a career and kids will relish Star’s believable characters and spot-on assessment of the minivan set. Star scores big.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Nancy Star is the female Tom Perrotta. Her vision of suburban New Jersey-suburbia in general-is smart, wise, and generous. The scenes she creates are invariably witty and penetrating.”
— Alice Elliott Dark, author of In The Gloaming and Think of England

“Should Jane Austen be looking over my shoulder at this moment, I hope she won’t blanche at the comparison I’m about to make: Annie Fleming reminds me a bit of Catherine Morland, the naive heroine of Northanger Abby.”
New World Review

“A hilarious mixture of bravura and brimstone”
N.Y. Daily News

“With her cast of over-the-top neurotic parents pushing their daughters on to soccer glory, Star gives a deft portrait of suburban strivers.”
Newark Star Ledger

“A welcome reminder of the importance of letting go and enjoying the game.”
— Working Mother

“Whether it’s soccer, gymnastics or chess club, children’s activities too often bring out the worst in parents. CARPOOL DIEM, while providing clever humor and accessible prose, shows this parents-gone-wild phenomenon in strikingly realistic detail.”
— Woodbury Magazine

“Any mother who tosses a snack to her kid in the back seat and rationalizes that it’s dinner, while driving like a maniac to a field that had to be charted by a blind prankster, will relate to this snappy novel.”
Tribune Media Services

“Great Read”
Quick & Simple

“A winning story! Readers will cheer as Annie helps her family get off the sidelines and into the game of life.”
— Jane Porter, author of Odd Mom Out

“Score! Carpool Diem has the winning combination of humor and heart.”
— Yuka Mizushima,

“Nancy Star’s characterizations are marvelous…A well-written, humorous book that should please anyone who enjoys light-hearted fare with a message relevant to us all.”
— Douglas R. Cobb,

“Hilarious madness… the protagonist is fabulous, and it’s a ton of fun to read.”
– Lauren Spielberg, Romantic Times

“Carpool Diem is a fun and light-hearted book that contains important life lessons.”
— Leslie Grainer,